Cornish Cross Broiler Chicks

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White Cornish Cross Broilers are among the fastest growing meat type chicken you can buy. Chicks will reach market weight at just 6 weeks of age. They were developed for the commercial meat chicken market and have been used for the past fifty years to produce the chicken found in your local grocery store. They grow so fast that their legs may give out from their weight and it is not recommended that they be kept for breeding. You can take away the feed at night and restrict the feed intake to slow the growth of the chicken. This will allow the bones and tendons to catch up with the rapid growth.


  • Start them on a 20-22% Chick and/or Broiler Starter for the first 4.5 to 5 weeks.
  • Switch them to an 18% Chick Grower after that time.
  • Feed them around the clock for the first 5 days of age. After day 5 only feed during daylight hours. No feed for 12 hours. Water is okay to leave with them.
  • At 6 weeks of age males should weigh about 6lbs and females 5lbs. If you desire a larger bird they may be raised up to 9 weeks of age with males weighing about 10lbs and females 8lbs.
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